About the Campaign

Fight 'Vnuk' was started by two friends & passionate motorsport enthusiasts, Tristan Robinson and Dan Summers. It aims to create a centralised voice for car, motorcycle and other affected groups across the UK to come together and fight the recent EU judgement known as ‘Vnuk’ that threatens to kill so many people’s hobbies and sport of choice.

We are two people who partake in completely different areas of motorsport, yet the Vnuk judgement affects us equally. Dan is a keen road car & motorcycle enthusiast, and Tristan’s sport of choice is off-road motorcycle enduro. Our own respective choices of sport are totally distinct, but what brings them together is that they are ‘motorised vehicles’ and therefore are both impacted in some way.

What particularly concerns us is the widespread impact of 'Vnuk'. This has the potential to affect so many different activities from trackdays, to hill climbs, drag racing, to go karting and even electrically assisted cycling! And let us not forget mobility scooters for the elderly! What brings all these pursuits together? They are classified as ‘motorised vehicles’. 

If you would like to contact us with any queries or would like to know more, please email: admin@fightvnuk.co.uk

Please be sure to spread the word! 

Tristan W Robinson and Dan Summers

Fight 'Vnuk' 2016